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Finding a cheap hotel in Australia is now easier

Bondi HotelWe are happy to announce a new and very modern way to find hotels in Australia on this site. Our new system was just completed by our tech nerds, and it includes a great feature you won’t find anywhere else. Prices for hotels in Australia tend to be fairly high, especially in the big cities, so this will help in a couple of ways.

When you go to the new page you’ll see a list of the biggest cities in Oz at the top and a list of way more cities just below that. Click on a city and you’ll see a list of all the hotels there that you can choose from, but better than that, enter your travel dates in the search boxes at the top and you can check every hotel in that city on multiple travel sites all at once. Some places might be a higher price on one site than on another, and some may not be listed on certain sites at all. Now you can check several booking sites all at once so you’ll know quickly that you are getting the best price available. Since flights to Australia almost always cost quite a bit of money it’s really helpful to be able to at least save money on your hotel once you arrive.

Check out the new Australia hotels page and you’ll be able to search quickly and book with confidence.