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CampervanCampervans allow you to create your own itineraries and explore the country at your own pace. You can park wherever you want or in a camp site if you would like to use the facilities. It’s the perfect way to explore the Australian culture and country without breaking your budget.

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What are campervans?

By definition, a campervan is a vehicle that provides both transport and accommodation. Usually they have a small kitchen, refrigerator and grill. Large models may include water heaters, toilet and shower.

What to expect?

Don’t expect a 4 stars hotel because you’ll simply be disappointed. Obviously, campervans are for adventurous travelers, or for those who prefer the wild side of vacations. Campervans are quite popular in Australia, ranging from 2 person sleepers to family sized. With a campervan experience, you are able to cook your own meals –unless of course your budget allows for eating out – and basically do everything you do at home… but on the road.

Australia Campervan Companies:

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How about the cost?

If you do it the right way, it will drastically lower your travel expenditures in Australia. During the high season – January to April – you can pay as much as AUD99 per day for renting a campervan, and the standard insurance fees are included in that price. Of course, you can also find cheaper vehicles at around AUD 44 per day, hence making the rent of a campervan for a week around AUD 360. This is actually quite reasonable when you factor in that this is also your accommodation for that time as well.

What do I need to rent a campervan?

Besides money, you will need an International Drivers License, or at least a drivers license that is valid in Australia (it must be in English). Make sure to also have your passport with you all the time (of course you can’t enter the country without it), and definitely don’t forget the travel insurance.

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Where can I park?

Basically you can park anywhere, unless you are directed otherwise. If you want to benefit from the facilities in a camp site or caravan park, it is probably a better idea to choose parking in designated areas. Plus, the campervan enthusiasts seem to form a pretty interesting community around the country, so the fun is included!

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Campervan or hotel… What should I choose?

The decision falls on the type of traveler that you are. If you are a person who likes to drive around and explore nature, the campervan is absolutely perfect for you. The freedom offered by campervans seems to appeal more to the younger crowd than to other categories, but just like hostels, they are not mutually exclusive. While, if you prefer to roam around the city and be pampered in deluxe hotels, you will most definitely not enjoy travel in a campervan.