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koalaAustralia is massive – just look at a map. It is the only country that is also a continent, and while that is a cool piece of trivia it also means that one does not really visit Australia (unless you plan to stay for a year or more). One visits parts of Australia, gets a taste for Australian life and returns one day for more. And plenty of people are returning, year after year, to the Land Down Under – it does not matter that for most of the world it is a challenge to reach, Australia remains a popular place to visit.

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For years, Australians have been serious backpackers, heading off around the world on long adventures. That adventurous spirit comes from the country itself, but that does not mean that everyone in Australia is a backpacker who camps or sleeps in hostels. You will find lots of hostels in Australia, but if that is not your thing – do not worry. There are just as many hotels in Australia, too.

Australia Hotel Benefits

As with any other destination, different Australia hotels will offer different perks. Some will be your basic 1 or 2 star family-run inn with great prices but no amenities to speak of, and others will be posh 5-star resorts with personal butlers for every guest! Hotels in Australia run the gamut, so you just need to choose what your preference – and price range – is.

Choosing an Australia Hotel

If you like luxury but do not like to pay for it, one way to get more for your money is to visit Australia in the off season. By booking your trip to Australia’s lovely beach towns in the winter, for instance, (June through August) you can sometimes get a 5 star room in a hotel in Australia for a 3 star price. See? Sometimes you get more than you pay for! Traveling during the low season is a way to save money all the way around – on airfare, hotels and much more. You might not get to lie on those beaches, but you will certainly be able to afford to stay longer.

As is the case in most touristy places, Australia hotels which are close to the main sights in the area are going to be more expensive than hotels which are further away. If you are planning to visit places which have good public transportation – or you are going to be doing your own driving – then staying a bit further away could help you save some money.

Have a great time in Australia, and if you need more information to plan your visit Down Under, there are traveler’s stories about Australia you can read as well as keeping tabs on daily life in Australia on this Australia Travel Guide.