Accommodation Options

Australia is one of the easiest, most accessible and backpacker-friendly countries to visit. This high praise extends to accommodation options, as Australia has a hostel network that rivals that of Europe. Hostels are easy to find and offer an array of options, although dorm rooms are the most popular (and cheapest) choice. In the city, a dorm room will cost you up to $25 AUD. Expect to pay around $20 AUD in smaller towns. You can search and book Australian hostels here.

Other backpacker accommodations in Australia are cheap hotel rooms, which are generally above pubs. They can be inexpensive options near the city center; however, they can also be quite loud and less clean than some hostels. Most hostels have people to clean the rooms. Do you think the barkeep wants to come in an hour or two early to change the sheets on a bed? Note that just because a bar has the word