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Lizard IslandEach Australian resort is famous for its own qualities and features, offering accommodation and entertainment for luxury travelers. Among the luxury Island Resorts we can list: Bedarra Island Resort, Lizard Island Resort and Orpheus Island Resort. If you want to head to the best diving and snorkeling resort, you should book a hotel on Lizard Island Resort or Heron Island Resort.

Who goes to Island Resorts?

Island resorts are ideal for honeymooners, divers, families or just about anyone looking for a place to relax in exotic scenery. Obviously the facilities and intimacy offered by such resorts mean that prices start at around AUD 2,000 and can be as much as AUD 6,000 per week for 2 persons.


Among the typical activities taking place in an Australian Island Resort we can list: diving, snorkeling, swimming, reef walking, coral viewing, sailing, yachting, fishing, jet skiing, parasailing, kayaking, canoeing and whale watching.

Several island resorts of the Great Barrier Reef are built on coral cays, and national parks are very common there as well. Obviously, snorkeling and diving are two of the main activities in those areas, but some of the islands and reefs are located very far from the resorts and require access via resort day-trips or rented boats.

Australian Island Resorts

There are a lot of island and mainland resorts in Australia and it would take quite a lot of space to talk about each and every one. Instead, here are some details about the most popular of them.

Bedarra Island Resort

Bedarra Island Resort can house only 32 tourists at a time, in 16 secluded villas, each just minutes away from the sea and well hidden in the rain forest. You can dive, snorkel, sail, fish and explore the beautiful landscape. Ideal for honeymooners, it offers the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing vacation.

Lizard Island Resort

Room at Lizard Island ResortLizard is Australia’s northernmost resort, located right on the Great Barrier Reef. The beautiful reefs and 24 sandy beaches have brought the island a lot of national and international rewards for excellence. Here, you will find Marine National Park, a lovely place to explore the marine life and discover some of the local residents. The sandy beaches are perfect for a romantic getaway sprinkled with picnics and walks. Fishing, snorkeling and renting a glass-bottom boat are also very popular activities.

Green Island Resort

Green Island is located right on the Great Barrier Reef and at only 45 minutes from Cairns. A small coral cay, Green Island is the home to the only 5 start resort in Queensland. Surrounded by beautiful tropical forests, it’s the perfect place to explore the wildlife and embark on a diving experience you will never forget.