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Sydney Hostels

Search Sydney hostels with up-to-date availability and book a hostel in Sydney.

sydneySydney is a fantastic and fantastically fun city for both locals and visitors alike, boasting excellent sights and activities and a beautifully picturesque downtown. The good news is that although Sydney can be a playground for the well-to-do, there are plenty of things for budget travelers to enjoy as well. So, it is no wonder the city is bursting with cheap places to stay – and the hostels in Sydney are among the most fun you will find anywhere. The cheapest hostels are in the notorious Kings Cross neighborhood, which is an interesting mix of backpacking travelers and those looking for adult entertainment.

>> Sydney hostels in the Rocks
>> Hostels near Bondi Beach

One of my favorite hostels to recommend right now in Sydney city is the Sydney Harbour YHA. It features clean and modern hostel facilities, an amazing view of the harbour from the rooftop and just a splendid location being right in the Rocks. The second best option, for location especially, would be the Sydney Central YHA, located right at Central Station. This hostel is great for those wanting the best access to public transport from a central location, especially working holiday makers. Before going on, I’d suggest having a peek at availability, which you can do with the widget to the right. Otherwise, keep reading on about Sydney hostels and use the search widgets to find a suitable option.

More About Hostels in Sydney

Australians are a typically welcoming and friendly bunch, and the hostels they create are perfect examples of this. Backpackers of all stripes are accepted, without regard to your age or background, and many hostels in Sydney are the meeting points for travelers of all kinds. Most hostels these days do not have any kind of age limit (some still do, so read the descriptions to make sure), and are just ideal spots for any budget traveler – and staying in hostels can save you buckets of money on your Sydney vacation.

So, here are a few things to keep in mind as you are looking for the perfect Sydney hostel to stay in during your holiday:

  • Even if the property uses the word “youth hostel” in the name, that does not necessarily mean there is an age restriction. The term “youth hostel” is as old as the hills, and all it means these days is that you are looking at a place with dorm-style accommodations, perfect for budget travelers.
  • In Australia, the word “backpacker” is often used in place of the word “hostel,” but again – you do not have to be carrying all your belongings in a backpack in order to qualify for a bed. Think of the word “backpacker” as being synonymous with “budget traveler” and you will be fine.
  • Hostels anywhere, and especially in Sydney, are not just a great idea if you are trying to save money when you travel. They are also perfect if you are looking to be social and meet up with other like-minded travelers. Staying in a hostel is especially good if you are traveling solo and in need of some friendly conversation!
  • If the idea of saving money in a Sydney hostel sounds great but you cannot stand the thought of sleeping in a giant room with 20 of your closest friends, never fear – most hostels these days have a few private rooms for rent as well, some of which even have their own private bathrooms. You will still share the kitchen and TV room with other guests, so your social interactions are not eliminated, but you will certainly have more of your own space. Be sure to check into whether the hostel you are interested in has private rooms, and book early if you know you want one (they tend to be in lower supply).
  • Any Sydney hostel that is located closest to the main sights in the city is going to be more expensive per night than a hostel that is a bit further out. You will just need to balance the pros and cons of being right in the center of everything (and being stumbling distance from the pubs and nightclubs) versus paying a bit more for your bed – or being in a quieter part of the city a short bus ride away from the hubbub. Both have their perks, and it is just up to what you prefer.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to hostels in Sydney, so to help you narrow your search just plug your travel information into the search engine on this page. The computer will give you a list of the Sydney hostels with available beds during the nights you want to be there, and you can just read through the descriptions of the hostels until you find the one that is perfect for you.

Have a great time in Sydney, and if you need more information to plan your visit Down Under, you can read these Sydney travel stories and keep tabs on daily life in Australia on this Australia Travel Guide.