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Travel Insurance

Travelers generally fall into two categories: risk takers and the “better safe than sorry” kind. No matter which category you fall into, it is still imperative to accompany any overseas travel with a healthy travel insurance plan.

You’ve never thought about travel insurance before?

That’s not too surprising, but at least now you’re reading this and will understand just why it is so important, especially for travel to Australia.

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The Need for Australia Travel Insurance

Do you have travel insurance?Look, I know it is easy to think that things will never happen to you… that you will never be that person. Statistically, you won’t; unfortunately, you just never know. Freak accidents happen every day, all around the world, and needing to get to the hospital in Australia can quickly drain you of your travel funds – and then some!

It doesn’t have to be a freak accident either. You could just as well step on broken glass and need stitches, or you could slip and break your wrist. Life doesn’t stop when you are on the road, and so normal life happenings continue to be a concern.

Do you plan on doing any of the following in Australia:

  • Swimming in the ocean?
  • Surfing?
  • Driving, or just riding in, vehicles?
  • Skydiving?
  • Bush walking?

All of these activities come with their fair share of possible negative consequences. Even though they will probably not be an issue on your trip, you have to think about the possibility and be prepared. I almost hate to mention it, but it might be wise to remember that Australia does have some of the most venomous snakes and spiders in the world!

Beside medical insurance, travel insurance often covers the bits that make up your trip, including booked tickets, luggage and electronics. What happens if your laptop or luggage gets stolen? These features vary by insurance provider, so you’ll want to read up on the fine print for sure.

Do you plan on doing any of the following in Australia:

  • Flying from one location to another?
  • Booking hotels and tours in advance?
  • Carrying a suitcase or backpack with you?

We often don’t think about what would happen to our travel plans if we get sick or if the weather gets out of control. Having the proper insurance can help you get some of your money back in the case of an emergency – or just get home if that’s the case.

The Different Types of Travel Insurance

There are two major types of travel insurance: trip protection insurance and medical insurance. Although the trip protection insurance does offer reimbursements for emergency medical expenses and evacuation, the two types are sold separately.

Trip Protection Insurance / Trip Cancellation Insurance

This kind of insurance typically covers the non-refundable travel expenses in unexpected cases, such as airline strike, death, bankruptcy of the travel operator and many more. Rental car insurance might be included as well. The premium (or the cost of insurance) is based on the trip cost, which represents the amount of money you have pre-paid or are obliged to pay to a travel provider that might not get refunded in case the trip is canceled.

So let’s assume your vacation in Australia costs US$5,000 per person. If your holiday is canceled because of any reason not only do you lose the “investment” but you will also ruin your entire year, let alone vacation. For a small premium, at least you get your money back. Australia isn’t a dangerous place but sometimes you wouldn’t want to be at nature’s mercy.

>> Get more information or a quote on Trip Protection Insurance.

Travel Medical Insurance

This kind of travel insurance covers the emergency medical expenses, including hospitalization and surgeries. If you have health insurance at home, it might or might not cover the expenses in another country.

>> Get more information or a quote on Travel Medical Insurance.

Emergency Evacuation Insurance

If you plan any extreme activities on your Australian vacation, you should definitely consider this kind of insurance. It covers the costs for your emergency evacuation to an adequate medical facility or hospital near your home if you become seriously ill or injured during your trip.

>> Get more information or a quote on Emergency Evacuation Insurance.

Other Types of Travel Insurance

  • Flight/Travel Accident Insurance: If something terrible happens to your flight (including terrorist event), this insurance protects you and your relatives. Read more >>
  • Annual Multi-Trip Insurance: If you travel often, this is the perfect insurance for you, providing good value for money for frequent travelers. Read more >>
  • Global/Expat insurance: If you want to stay in Australia for a longer period of time, or happen to work here, this is the insurance to choose. Read more >>

Do I Really Need Australia Travel Insurance?

Risk-takers may not consider buying travel insurance, budget travelers don’t want to add something else to their purchases list, while other people won’t leave home without it. What should you do?

Before you decide for or against travel insurance consider the following:

  • Is there a chance the flight might get canceled? No matter where you travel, Australia included, weather can always affect the flight’s schedule. Without insurance, you will lose the non-refundable money plus possibly ruin your vacation.
  • You lose your wallet with your passport and money in it. Obviously it doesn’t matter where you go, this is always a possibility. Wallets get lost or stolen in all parts of the world, and insurance can help you solve some problems associated with it. Otherwise, prepare yourself for a lot of headaches.
  • A storm forces you to evacuate your hotel or the ship you are on. Some parts of Australia do get nasty weather, and some travel insurance does protect you when “acts of nature” ruin your vacation.
  • You are an adventure/extreme activities traveler. Australia is the perfect place to go scuba diving, surfing and embark on many other adventures. The last thing you need to worry about is what to do in case of an emergency.
  • Does it cost a lot? Compared to the money you pay for your Australian vacation, travel insurance is dirt cheap. If you are not convinced, at least take a look at the links above and get a quote. The money that you pay is typically minuscule compared to a trip’s total cost, and can you heaps in the long run.