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Cheap Flights in Australia

Search for deals and cheap flights in Australia.

Melbourne AirportOnce you get a cheap flight to Australia – either via Sydney or Melbourne – a very easy way to get to other Australian cities is by using domestic flights. Especially during the peak season – October to February – make sure to book domestic flights well in advance.

Because of the huge distances between the capital cities, the recommended means of transport in Australia is by plane.

Australian Airports and Airlines

The top 5 busiest Australian Airports are: Sydney Airport, Melbourne Airport, Brisbane Airport, Perth Airport and Cairns Airport.

  • Sydney Airport, officially known as Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, is the busiest Australian airport, serving 16,000 passengers in one hour. Most of the flights arriving and departing Sydney are domestic flights. However, Sydney is the main gateway to Australia, serving over 10 million international passengers each year. Learn more about cheap flights to Sydney.
  • Melbourne Airport, officially known as Melbourne Tullamarine Airport, offers both domestic and international flights. It’s the second busiest airport in Australia. Learn more about cheap flights to Melbourne.
  • While Brisbane International Airport is the main gateway for international travelers arriving in Queensland, Gold Coast Airport, also known as Coolangatta airport, is of major importance for those who need to take a domestic flight. Learn more about cheap flights to Brisbane.

The main airlines offering domestic flights are: Qantas Airlines, Regional Express, Virgin Blue and Jetstar.

Virgin Blue is a low cost airline which offers flights to cities in all Australian regions and territories. Regional Express, commonly known as Rex, is the largest independent airline in Australia, offering flights to cities located in New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria, while Qantas Airlines offers flights to cities located in all Australian regions and territories. There are also a number of small airlines which operate in different regions and territories.

If you are willing to be flexible you can benefit from the flight travel passes offered by Regional Express and Qantas. While Rex offers one or two months passes to visit as many destinations as possible, the Boomerang Pass offered by Qantas is based on coupons and is valid for the duration of your International flight ticket.