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Search Australia hostels with up-to-date availability and book a hostel in Australia.

uluruThe enormous country of Australia is impossible to visit in one trip, unless you plan to stay for a very long time, but that is okay – that just means you will need to make a return trip or two! Of course, traveling to Australia can be expensive, so you will need ways to save money on each trip so you can afford to go back, right? Well, the best way to save money when you travel is to stay in hostels in Australia.

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If hosteling was not invented in Australia, the Australians have at least taken it to new levels. Australians seem to be naturally adventurous and keen on backpacking, so it is not surprising that there are so many excellent hostels throughout the country. Your accommodations are going to be the second most expensive item in your travel budget, so if you skip the fancy Australian hotels and stay in hostels instead, your savings can really add up.

Common Misconception: Hostels For Young People Only

Too many people still assume that “hostel” means “youth hostel” and the only people who are allowed to stay in places like that are young students. This is not so! It may have been the case once upon a time, but today hostels are for budget travelers of any age who like to meet other travelers. Some Australia hostels might have age restrictions (they should mention it in the description if they do), but do not assume there is an age limit – even if the place has the words “youth hostel” in their name!

Australia Hostel Benefits

So, sleeping in hostels in Australia is going to save you money – but hostels are about more than being cheap. They are also excellent places to meet like-minded people to share stories, meals and perhaps a beer or two. Who knows? You just might make life-long friends. And even if you do not, meeting up with other travelers in hostels can be a welcome break for people traveling solo. Oh, and if the typical dorm style rooms do not sound like your cup of tea, most hostels these days also have some private rooms (some also with private bathrooms) to offer for a little bit more money – but it is still cheaper than a hotel.

Choosing an Australian Hostel

Australia hostels that are located closer to the city center or the main sights in that area are going to cost more than those which are a bit further out of town. If your primary goal is to save money, then look for a hostel in Australia away from the popular tourist center. Just make sure there is good public transportation so you can get back and forth easily and cheaply, too.

To help you narrow the long list of hostels in Australia, type your travel information into the search engine on this page – you will then get a list of the hostels in that city which have available beds the nights you want to stay. Then all you need to do is read through the descriptions until you find the one you like best and book it!

Have a great time in Australia, and if you need more information to plan your visit Down Under, there are traveler’s stories about Australia you can read as well as keeping tabs on daily life in Australia on this Australia Travel Guide.