Casualties of War

It was a great night to be an Australian, as the Wallabies suffocated the All Blacks in an against-the-odds semi-final win in the Rugby World Cup.

In the aftermath in the pub I watched it in, everyone was everyone’s mate. English fans dressed in red & white were backslapped and told “We’ll see you next week!” Kiwi fans were given some hearty, but good natured, stick.

Later on in the evening though, things went a bit pear-shaped for me. Shortly after Ging may or may not have been dancing on a podium (witnesses have been reluctant to come forward), she bent down to pick up her handbag. As she stood up, her head made solid connection with my face, knocking my glasses off onto the crowded dancefloor. I still don’t know how this was possible since she’s several inches shorter than I am.

I was able to quickly snatch my glasses from the sticky mess that was the dancefloor and put them back on. When the room was still blurry, my first thought was that I’d surpassed my grog limit. In actual fact, the lens of my glasses had also popped out, meaning it was still on the floor.

A hasty scramble followed as Ging and I peered about amongst the shuffling feet for a small clear object. Eventually, and thankfully, I found it and wedged it back into the frame.




Didn’t really think much of it after that, except relief that I could see again. It wasn’t until the next morning that I felt the bruise above my eye and noticed that when I put my glasses on I could not see very clearly.

There were several large scratches on the lens where it had obviously been trodden on. They’re right in my normal line of vision so it feels like there’s a blurry patch of vision no matter where I look. The frames are also slightly bent so one arm is at an angle and they don’t fit my head so well.

I’ll be making a trip down to the optometrist today to see if the frames can be salvaged. I think the scratched lens may be a goner though.

Maybe this is a good time to look at some new frames too. Whattya reckon, should I go for the full-on geek look that’s so chic these days?