Recap via Pictures of Christmas

I had some old pictures on my camera that we never shared from Christmas and Boxing Day or thereabouts.

Nick and I went to Queen Street Mall on Christmas Eve. A mini-Alladin Skating Production was put on…it was weird to see folks ice skating in 30+ degree Celcius heat

Toby and Chris just outside Brisbane near Toby’s Cow Farm. We went out for a morning and tried to muster the little buggers up.

Carl (Toby’s Brother and Queensland Cop) tried to entice the Cows with leftover Hops I think it was.

Mother’s Milk

Cowboy Chris Heidrich attempts to muster. (There are cows near-by, you just can’t see ’em in this picture)




Heidrich Family Cricket at Mt. Coot-tha a few days after Christmas.

A few beers and a lot of food at this picnic.

Max handles the bar-be-que. The sausages had a bit of fat in ’em. Hence the flames.

The future of Aussie Cricket, Jacob Heidrich with David Heidrich still a shot at wicketkeeper for the test side.

Chris Heidrich made a plate when he was little. I ate my steak and snag on it.

Plate #2 by a young Chris Heidrich. We made the same type of things in the US. Little Aussies and Yanks are not that different…