The Invisible Man

After the nightclub incident involving my glasses and the dancefloor, I went down to the local shopping mall to scope out the scene on new lenses and potentially frames.

There’s 5 optometry stores in this mall and I worked my way through all of them. In all but the very last one, I was completely ignored by the staff. No acknowledgement of me as I walked in the store, no one came up to me to see if they could help or answer any questions, not even after spending at least 5-10 minutes in each place.

I realise that I’m conditioned to a higher standard of customer service, having lived in the US for a few years, but this was ridiculous. These aren’t minimum wage hacks in these stores, these are trained vision specialists and when you see someone wearing glasses come into the store, you’d think they would at least see how you’re doing.




Frames aren’t cheap. The lenses in them aren’t cheap either. Contact lens can set you back a pretty penny. Considering these are pricey items, you’d think they’d be interested in making a sale. These stores were not overly busy. There were a maximum of two other customers in each and as I write this, I’m struck by the irony of not being seen in an optometry store.

Oh well, tough luck for the others. The last store, OPSM, gets my business and I’m finished with my little rant.