New Years Day in Brisbane

Yes its 2004 and we’re all conscious.

Our night started in Bob and Magaret’s basement. with pint glasses of white russians. A full bottle of Jack Daniels lingered dangerously in the background. Our plan was to head over to a gathering of some of Chris’s friends followed by a ‘beach party’ a pub.

The first get together included a couple of Jack’s & Coke a wonderful bbq. I must admit I can’t remember a single person’s name, but I can remember the delicious steak, boiled pototoes and tomatos with goat cheese. Very nice of those folks to invite us and another huge difference between New Years in Australia and the northern hemisphere as here you get to hang out on on the deck for a bbq.

The pub was a rather typical drinking event with not much else going on. I find the bar scene over here uninspiring but what the heck at least people are out trying to have a good time.




After a couple of hours we headed furthur downtown with the rest of the cattle and checked out a few places. The downtown area was full of partiers and around 3.30am we started looking for a taxi home.

Very glad to say that last night didn’t leave me with many ill effects and I’m looking forward to the year year and all it offers.

Sean and Chris are watching movie upstairs and are eagelry awaiting their trip to Sydney for Steve Waugh’s last game (Australia’s cricket captain).

I wish all travellers a safe journey and hope 2004 is a year those boots stay on.