Storm Damage

Last week (Friday, I think) a big storm ripped through Brisbane and SE Queensland. One blocks of flats in New Farm had the roof peeled off like a can of sardines. Bet that was a bit of a shock while watching the cricket. Closer to home, we had some minor flooding underneath the house and I was a bit worried about all the electrical cords lying on my floor. I heard the rain coming down hard and the wind pick up. I poked my head out the back door and was nearly hit in the face with twigs and leaves being blown about.

What I didn’t hear, or realize until some time later, was that a bloody great tree branch had fallen onto the back verandah and crushed the outdoor table setting. This branch was so big I was wondering if an entire tree had been uprooted and blown into our yard. The table itself looks fine, but the umbrella will have to be replaced.




It’s going to take a chainsaw to get rid of this thing and hopefully we’ll be able to use the logs for firewood this winter. I’m just glad the BBQ looks OK.