Final Countdown

Coming down to the last couple of hours before I leave for the airport. Just about fully packed (besides the laptop) and I don’t think I’ve forgotten to do/pack anything (touch wood).

My backpack is looking pretty full, but I will be able to dump some stuff off in Melbourne, and I really could have done a much better job of packing it. Not packing too many clothes since everyone in my family knows they’re getting something cheap and crappy from Bali for Christmas.




Last thing to do (after packing up the laptop) is to give this room a bit of a clean, especially my desk. By the time I get back, Sean will be here and we’ll be sharing this space and right now it’s a bloody mess.

It’s pissing down rain here at the moment, so it feels like I’m leaving at the right time. Hopefully the weather in Melbourne is better (ha!) and when I’m in Bali I just won’t care.