Like a drowned cat

I had written a more interesting post and included some photos, but due to a shoddy connection lost it all. So now you get the Trim-Fast version. Sean came to Thailand with a new digital camera. Nick was super-stoked and was keen to start taking photos in Bali.

So I came home with Nick’s old Sony Mavica, still in very good condition, even if it’s showing its age a little bit.

So now to the photos…

The family cat needed to go to the vet cos she was off her food. She came back with a clean bill of health (and a dirty bill of $500!!) and the news that her teeth weren’t much chop. She doesn’t like trips to the vet, probably as much for the car ride as any torture the doc puts her through. She’d had a bit of a personal accident at the vet and so she needed a bit of a bath when she got home. Most cats don’t like any bath they’re not giving themselves, and I can testify for the record that though her teeth might not be what they once were, her claws certainly are.




The claws are out

If looks could kill

The royal treatment

And anyone who’s ever seen this cat before will understand why this photo looks so weird.