Pre-Road Trip tp Sydney and Nick Departure

We are all getting ready for some new adventures in the new year.

Nick is off for Bali tommorrow and we will drop him off at the Coast today to visit some relatives before he flys back to Bali.

Chris and I are off to Sydney for the 3rd day of the Test match: India v Australia.

Some pictures and commentary:




Nick enjoys a Guiness last night. We went out for a few drinks last night. It was the last night that us 3 will get to hang out together for who knows how long. We e-mailed some BootsnAll members in Brissie to join us at the last minute, but none could make it. Chris and I will meet up with them when we get back.

Chris enjoys a Guiness as well from an odd camera angle.

View of a puddle just outside our back door. It just finished raining here.

I’ll look to take some pictures at the cricket…bye Nick…see you in a few weeks!