Recap of Birthday and other stuff

Chris and I have been busy at work these past few weeks believe it or not. That is why our blogging has been a bit light. Many folks have said it before, but I’ll say it again. The busier I am, the less I blog. And Vice Versa.

My trip to Australia is wrapping up in the next few days and I am sad to be leaving. Sunday morning my flight for Bali leaves and I will spend 3 days in Bali (Nick has scheduled meetings for us) and then back to the US of A winter. The most exciting part of returning home is that I get to see me mum and pops, friends, and 2 new employees are starting at BootsnAll in our Portland office. I am excited to to work with them both and try my best to give them every opportunity to have fun and be a success in working for BootsnAll.

I have been bringing my digital camera to most places and events It is small, I figure, what the hell..bring it along and Chris and I are always happy that I did. When I download the pictures, like I did today, I get a pictoral gallery of what happened and it makes me remember, then smile. Here are some of the stories and pictures from this time.

Birthday Surprise
As Chris and Ging mentioned, by birthday was Thursday January 15. The BootsnAll get together took precedence that night and a few toasts were said in my honor. I am 31 now. No big deal. I did not expect anything and I was happy that it was a pleasant day. Chris did neglect to mention in his post about the BootsnAll party that 2 young ladies visited (and somehow escaped the camera) that night to wish me a Happy Birthday and have a drink. The rain drove them away between venues, but I was stoked that Aidy, a sister of Chris’ sister-in-law had showed up.

Background on Aidy
I met Aidy (full name is Adrienne) on Christmas day when was I was Butt F*&%ing wasted. The Hydrolix family start off early with champagne, fruit, vodka, more food, beer and wine. It was super hot on Christmas Day and Chris’s sister-in-law, Chrissa, invited me/whoever wanted to, over to her families house a few blocks or so away for a swim in their pool.

We arrived a few hours before sunset and I met her family, of which, Aidy was the one that caught my eye. Short Dirty Blond hair, athletic build, and a smart cracker of a mouth. She served me and everyone else, mango daiquiri’s as we jumped into the pool. (She had me at Mango Daiquiri) Now, don’t worry about me going swimming…I knew that I was under the influence so I was not diving – just floating around and being super careful cuz accidents do happen, Anyway, everybody else had a few drinks as well so the conversations were going in about 4 different directions. I did find out that Aidy liked to travel and was into Rock Climbing. I preceded to tell her that I climbed El Cap in Yosemite National Park (She thought I was serious, I was takin’ the piss like an Aussie does).

We left after a few hours and I somehow got her SMS number and we exchanged a few harmless drunken SMS’s during Christmas night. She was off the next day for road trip (She is a teacher and on summer holidays). I thought I’ll never see her again. Have you ever met someone and thought they were nice, but never saw them again as life goes on? That is how I felt.

Back to Birthday
On my birthday, about an hour or so before we were to go out and meet up with the BootsnAll’ers, a phone call for me came in and it was the lovely Aidy. She called to wish me Happy Birthday. I preceded to invite her out to our little deal. (Why not I thought) She came and missed the camera that night as I mentioned earlier. It was a pleasant surprise. We SMS’ed each other a few times that night and next morning. I asked if she wanted to hang out again the next night since I had a good time talking to her. She said, “blah, blah, blah , sorry, I have plans”


“Oh well” I told Chris over breakfast that next morning when the message came in. Chris did not say much, which is normal so I was not alarmed.

Anyway, Chris and I had a productive Friday working away in our office cellar and were talking about what “todo” on that friday night. When we finally worked our way upstairs around 7 p.m., a few guests we coming over and greeting me with “Happy Birthday Sean”. So Chris and his momma planned a little on accident dinner/party get together that night for me. Max, Merle, David, Chrissa, Mr Hydro, Ms. Hydro, and me. Max and Merle made a digital Birthday card with Pictures from a Mt. Coo-tha picnic we went on with a cold six-pack of Cascade Light. Chrissa and David got me a card and a book. I was touched. Not expecting this, it was nice to receive these good wishes and vibes from my Aussie family. I was ready for a drink and dinner. But, the surprises were not over yet.

The doorbell rang…someone else was here? Who could it be?




In walked Ms Aidy. This was a pleasant surprise after the “I have plans” stuff. The evening was complete with the interesting Blond in attendance now. Thanks for the surprise Hydro, Mrs. Hydro and Aidy. Well done. This birthday was great…which reminds me of the 30th surprise party Jen Leo and Chris threw for me last year. Thanks again for that one as well Jen and Chris. Great memories.

A Saturday Night Brisbane
Now that I am 31, I don’t go out at every chance I get like I did when I was in my early 20’s. The energy for partying till dawn does not exist for me anymore. That did not stop Chris, Ging, Janita, Aidy, David, and Chrissa from going out and having a helleva laugh at Dooley’s in downtown Brisbane last Saturday.

Here are some of the pictures.

Kilkenny was the drink of choice for Chris

When Ging showed up, the evenings pace accelerated.

Ging dancing and me doing something like that

Janita, Aidy, and Ging at a place called Rick’s around 1:30 a.m. I remember the bar being crowded, hot, and smelled like BO. The music was good though.

Chris comes out with is VB Nipple outfit

Aidy and Me at an odd angle

Cricket on Sunday: One Day International India vs. Australia
Chris and I jetted over to West End (it is just next to the CBD of Brisbane) for Breakfast at noon with Ging at the Gunshop Cafe to recap “what happened” the night before. So far, this is the best breakfast place in Brisbane…not quite the Tin Shed, but still very nice.

Bacon and French Toast was on the menu

Here are some pictures from the Cricket: Australia lost by about 20 runs (that is not too many for you Yanks out there…it was considered a close match)

Indian Bowler, Anil Kumble and what appears to be a Fraternity Paddle…it’s a Beer Cup Holder.

Gilchrist and Hayden in action

Matthew Hayden checks the wicket oni his was to a Century.

Brad Williams on the run up to Bowl, Brett Lee getting ready to field on possibly his worst day ever in One Day Cricket. He gave up 83 runs.

People were pretty wasted at the Cricket by nighttime (I drank water) and the folks in my section thought it would be fun to gather as many plastic cups as possible. The Coppers didn’t think it was a good idea and broke it up after a few minutes.

This is a recap of what I think/remember as some of the most exciting stuff from the past week or so. Of course, life is not always like this. Chris and I start work before 7 am on weekdays. Workout at 1 in the avo and back at it for a few more hours. It is 7:10 p.m. now and we are still at it…

So hope you enjoyed the pictures and my birthday surprise story. Maybe 1 more post from before I leave.