It's free, but you can't have it

Dealing with the many time zones the Boots guys and I are in means that sometimes I forget what day I’m on. My laptop clock is set to Portland time and if I use that to check the date, it’s usually a day behind.

To combat this and keep track of upcoming events, I went down to the local shopping centre looking to buy a calendar. At this time of year, they’re not so easy to find and I went to 4 different stores with no joy.

As I was walking home I saw a dollar store and figured it’s worth a try. After some searching I found what I was looking for and went down to the cash register to pay my $2.20.




But the lady would not sell it to me. They were trying to get rid of outdated stock like this and the calendar was free when you purchased anything else from the store. She wouldn’t sell me a free item (or just let me have it) and insisted I buy something else from the store.

Not wanting to pick up a piece of useless crap just for the sake of buying this bloody calendar, I looked around for something I could actually use. It wasn’t easy. Dollar stores being what they are, there’s not many useful things for a buck or two. Eventually I found a “Super Chamois” and the deal was sealed. This will come in handy for cleaning the dust off my desk and/or drying the BootBus after a wash.