Blast from the Past

On the way home from the gym today I stopped off at a corner store to pick up some milk. I used to go to this corner store almost every day after primary school to spend pocket money on video games (Gyruss and 1942) and mixed lollies.

Since it was hot out I decided to treat myself to an ice-cream/ice-block and saw one I haven’t had in maybe 20 years (crap, am I that old?). The Golden Gaytime is unlike any other ice-cream bar I’ve ever had, not least because of it’s unusual name. You’d think, in these days of political correctness that at some point the Golden Gaytime would have changed its name to something else. I mean, what self-respecting kid aged 6-15 is going to been seen dead eating a “Golden Gaytime”. You’re just asking for ridicule and thereby cutting off 50% of your market right there.




And yet it survives. I bought one and, ignoring the fingerpointing and laughing from the school kids outside the store, came home and ate it. If I’d thought ahead, I would have taken a photo of it, but like I said, it was hot out and they do taste bloody good.