Almost Famous, Part III

On Sunday afternoon I ventured out with my friend who had emailed me about the Lebanese kebab shop that has a photo of me up on the wall. It had been some time since Bron had been there, and as we were catching up on each other’s news in the car we got a little lost.

The kebab shop is on a main road though, so it wasn’t long before we drove by and Bron exclaimed, “That’s it!”

“I have never, ever been in that place,” I declared with certainty.

Bron had described the place as a hole in the wall joint that you’d easily wander by without noticing and would probably never sit down to eat inside. First impressions validated this description.




We parked the car and we were both keen to discover the authenticity of this photograph. Alas, when we arrived at the front door we found it was closed. We peered through the window to see if we could see anything, but to no avail.

The place was pretty beat up and had what appeared to be a large bullet hole through the plate glass frontage. The window was cracked in other places too, so perhaps Annerley at nighttime can be a dodgy place to be.

I snapped a few pix and we popped over to the West End for a pub lunch and called it a day. I have promised to return another day to see if it is still in business and get to the bottom of this matter. Besides, Bron tells me they do a mean baklava and I’ve got a huge sweet tooth.