Note from New BootsnAll Member

We personally look at every single BootsnAll membership application. Here is one of the replies I received today.

Membership Approval: Your system reflects the world, my friend.

And aren’t you nice to add that personalized touch in your response! To reward such humanity, I’ll tell you a story:

I was doing courier flights for a while, and one took me to Hong Kong. Everything went without a hitch (I was going on to Nepal) until the trip back. I made it into HK airport the evening before and was exhausted, so I actually spent an ungodly sum to put myself up in the airport hotel. The next morning, I started to assemble my belongings, but … wait … where’s my passport?!?




I frantically burrowed through e v e r y t h i n g with no luck. I raced downstairs and found my courier contact to explain the situation. He immediately ushered me over to security, trading clipped phrases in Cantonese with the guard. We had about 45 minutes to make the flight. The guard emerged from his post to say that someone had indeed found my passport, but I’d have to claim it at security which was a few miles from the airport.

Never say die. Although the cool professionalism of my courier liaison had disappeared long ago, we hopped in a cab and raced to security, collected the passport, and raced back to the airport. 30 minutes to go. We ran to the ticket counter … more quick negotiations, and off I went.

All he said as he handed me my packet of documents was “are all Americans like you?” I felt like a hapless heroine, smirking as a massive archway falls
neatly behind her as she runs through it.

(from Amy B – thanks)