Cricket at the Fitness First in Indooropilly

Humans are creatures of habit. I am a human, therefore I am a creature of habit.

Chris and I quickly develop our routines in my time here. Everyday, at 1 pm we head on down to Fitness First for an air conditioned workout.

After lifting a few weights I settle onto the cardio equipment in front of 8 TVs. This is my little version of workout heaven. Boring equipment but with my headphones and 8 channels to browse through…it carries the boredom away. Since it is summer, cricket is on almost all the time. Frickin’ brillant I say.

Yesterday when Chris and I were eliptical biking, we were watchin Oz struggle past 200 in a one day international versus Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe are not even near the top team in the world and it looked like Oz could be in trouble.




We were wrong, bigtime. Australia won by 99 runs. What were we worried about?

Sunday Chris and I go to India versus Australia in One Day Cricket at the ‘Gabba. Can’t wait.