News Snippets

Just a couple of things that I saw in the paper today:

Finals football is in full swing with Rugby League finals due to start next weekend and the AFL already done with the first round of finals.

Port Adelaide were favourites to beat the Sydney Swans at home but lost by two goals. When asked how the team felt after the match, acting Port captain Warren Tredea said:




“We are dead set spewing about the way we played today.”

Who said Aussie athletes weren’t articulate?

And in other news, it is now illegal for children under the age of 18 to get their nipples and genitals pierced in Queensland. Piercing shops who break the law face hefty fines of up to A$3000 and even jail time, more if the kid is under the influence at the time. Obviously the police are going to have difficulty enforcing the law – perhaps they’re hoping young boy/girlfriends will dial 000 when they spy the offending piercings.

Bars in the Valley could now stay open til 7am if a new plan before the city council goes ahead. Alcohol sales would still end at 5am, but the bars will stay open an extra two hours and offer coffee and breakfasts in an effort to stop the mass exodus of partiers onto city streets at 5am, where fights and property damage are more likely to take place.