Look, up in the sky!

Did anyone else in the Brisbane region see a fireball streaking across the sky during the early hours (we’re talking 5-ish) of Sunday morning?

I won’t go into the details of how I happened to still be awake from the night before, but the three other people I was with saw it too. Bron had the presense of mind to snap a photo, but we’ve yet to see the film.




Seen nothing on the news, or in the papers this morning about it. It was very comet-esque in appearance, but the sky was light. You could also draw comparisons with the alien landing during Independence Day, or the asteroid chunks falling to earth in Armageddon.

Considering we’d polished off 10 bottles of wine and a bottle of port (between 8 of us), you might forgive us for entertaining thoughts that we might be watching our last morning on Earth as we knew it.