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APEC week has officially shut down Sydney Until September 9th 2007. As you read through and watch some of the some of the attached serious articles and associated silly stuff, it does make one wonder about calling Australia the land of the free. A police state has been declared in the Central Business District of Sydney. While Security is obviously […]

APEC Week, News From Sydney

The APEC Summit is coming to Sydney. If you do not need to be in Sydney that weekend- It is HIGHLY recomended to get out of town! Go some where else! Starting the 2nd and running through the 10th, Sydney will encounter changed traffic conditions and area closures around the Sydney Opera House, Circular Quay and main CBD areas. You […]

APEC Week, Sydney Road and Transport Closures

The original sale this post was referencing has since passed, but there are still several ways to go about getting a great domestic airfare deal. The first option is to travel in the off-season. For example, you can try to head to the Gold Coast in the Australian autumn, and traveling during those times might also put you in the […]

Webjet Domestic Airfare Sale, Fares from $41!

Yes, that is right, it is Prime Minister John Howards 68th Birthday today. For those that don’t know who he is, The Australian Prime minister is equal to the President of other countries, making him the illustrious leader of this glorious upside down island. (he he he…he is the guy in the middle of the photo) So how will this […]

Happy Birthday John Howard!

While Australia is a tourist mecca, there are still plenty of social issues that plague their surfer laden shores. One such issue, over cars, has reached the land down under. Lately there has been all kinds of debate over the future of climate change, alternative fuel cars, and the future of Australian manufacturing. Holden is basically the Aussie branch of […]

Holden: The Aussie GM to Cut Jobs

Australia Inflicts Ashes Whitewash read the Headlines this morning. OK- I admit- being a girl I am not so knowledgeable on the sport- but it is always good when the home team whoops arse don’t you think? Condolences to all the Pommies out there. The good news is- most that I have talked to- did still seem to enjoy their […]

The Ashes, Australia beats England 5-0 in Cricket!

Kakadu National Park is a major destination and highlight for many travellers to Australia. One of the issues surrounding the park that travellers should be aware of is Uranium Mining. From the road trains to the environmental impact, the mines are a major part of the Northern Territory and it’s tourism. The locals are as divided about the issue of […]

Know Before You Go: 29 Abandoned Uranium Mines to be ...

Fair Dinkum! Believe it. Microsoft Australia has decided it is high time to add Australian slang to it’s dictionary. Nothing is more pitiful than an Aussie trying to write about chucking a Sickie, his Ute, or Trackies and not knowing how to spell it now is there! Microsoft has created a panel to collect the new vocabulary. They are to […]

Microsoft Office To include Aussie Slang! S’truth!!!

Melbourne’s G20 summit has been hailed a success and the friendliest held since the group’s inception seven years ago Australian director George Miller and his troupe of fluffy tap-dancing penguins in Happy Feet, earned an impressive $US42.3 million and have topped the North American box office, knocking off James Bond and sending Borat back to Kazakhstan. The Sydney Opera House […]

Daily Dose- G-20, Aussie’s top Box Office, and The Opera ...

Do do dodo do doo dooo… refrains of MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This are running through my head! Elle Macpherson, Australia’s very own “Body” and supermodel is too fast for a London mugger. Australian’s are known as a cheeky brash group- and good on em! While getting ready to attend a Move for Aids chairty ball in London November 10th, […]

The Australian Spirit in Elle Macpherson!