Pumping Iron

Continuing on this gym theme, I thought I’d elaborate a little more on the whole experience. I’ve been trying to find a workout facility that’s reasonably close to where I live – if it’s more convenient for me to go, there’s a greater chance I will actually go.

Seems like there are a few of the larger gym networks with locations in the Indooroopilly/Toowong area. Fitness First, Workout, Uni of QLD Fitness Centre, Bardon Healthworks. I called each of them (except UQ) and not one would give me prices over the phone. UQ had their prices prominently displayed on their website, so I knew exactly where I stood with them.

So I went to each of the locations to fill out their little form that asks me how I’m feeling (circle one) – depressed, fit, good self esteem, lethargic, etc. After that deep analysis of my mental well-being, I get a tour of the facilities and then sit down to hear the pitch.

Finally a price sheet is pulled out and I can see the damage. Pretty much all are the same, or thereabouts. Bardon Healthworks was cheaper and there seemed to be a high percentage of fit-looking women working out there. But it’s a little too far away for me.

Fitness First is closest and they have fantastic facilities. Everything is new and state-of-the-art. They don’t have free weights over 40kg to keep the ‘roid freaks out, and they have a steam room, video library, sauna, etc. They were also the most expensive (though not by much). What I didn’t like was the pressure tactics they applied when they asked if I was interested. They gave me a “First Visit Incentive” price but gave me 24 hours to “think about it”.




What made me laugh though was every single gym has this price sheet, but when you go in there, all of them cross out the prices and write something different to make it seem like you’re getting a deal. Each of them slashed the sign-up fee by half and chopped $10/month off the dues.

Why not just do this from the start and save us all the frickin’ hassle?

It’s obvious that no one pays the advertised rate and it seems as though the gyms can afford this “reduced” rate, so why not just apply it from the get go and push the features of the gym that make you unique?

Anyway, I haven’t signed anything yet, but I’m leaning towards the Workout Indooroopilly. Sarah was the rep who took me round and she was very thorough. She obviously used the place herself and really spent some time with me discussing what I wanted to get out of exercise and how the gym would help me do that. They are a more “hands-on” facility and take an interest in their members. I never felt any pressure to make a decision there and then. Sarah sent me off with some literature and the price sheet (with the “new” prices) and just told me to call if I decided to go for it.

None of their literature has a website address, so maybe that’s something I can push in return for a reduced membership rate….