A Woman of My Word and Choreographer Extraordinaire!

I may have been drunk when I said it, but a woman of my word, I stuck to my promise – at the risk of public humiliation!

For eons, my dear friend Cath, one-half of bluefish, has been ‘encouraging’, enticing, down right demanding I sing with her ‘one day’. I’m all for a girly harmony in the comfort of my own, er, comfort zone, but in public? Hmmm… Anyway, it was her birthday gig, and as I said, I’d promised that I ‘d sing a song with her. Fortunately I was throwing back VLSs like there’s no tomorrow [and let me tell you, for the most part, there wasn’t a tomorrow!], and while I was perusing the song list, the lyric sheet and desperately trying to think of a way to squirm my way out of it, the next thing I know, I’m being called on stage as ‘a special guest’. Oh really. Can’t promise you it was anything ‘special’! So, with ‘security blanket’ [VLS] in paw, I amble on stage. The venue was an Irish ‘chain’ pub in the ‘burbs, so I’m not that phased about being recognised y’know, and the chances of me being there again were even slimmer, so I wasn’t phased by the audience at all.

However, when I got on stage, all I could hear was the guitar, all I could see was ‘bright lights’, I wasn’t sure of our harmonies [it’s not like we’d rehearsed this!], had no clue as to ‘mic techniques’, and my bloody left leg, despite all the alcohol, just started nervously shaking all over the place! Hmmm… So I ‘sang quietly’ through the verses, but hurrah, the chorus, for some reason, I could do. I could hear Cath, she could hear me – it worked. Apparently.

And just to add to the public humilation, I [inadvertently] took it one step further. There was a ‘fridge competition’ being held, whereby you drink a certain amount of beverages for the chance to win a fridge courtesy of beverage sponsor, or something. I wasn’t drinking that ‘brand’, so hadn’t entered the competition, but for some reason, I decided to shout to the guitarist, ‘do you want to see my impersonation of a fridge?’, in a kind of Acting School 101 type manner. He thought it was very lame. Harumph. BUT, I didn’t stop there. Before I know it, I’m choregraphing what is now known as, ‘the fridge’. A description won’t do it justice, it really has to be seen to be believed, but I tell ya, it can be adapted to any genre – and I’ll be taking all the credit when it’s become the next global dance move! I performed ‘the pop fridge’, something the Australian Idol will undoubtedly mimic, ‘the rock fridge’ for the hardcore fans, even ‘the balletic fridge’ – a truly versatile dancestep I tell you.




But enough about my Friday night…

Singing/Dancing Queen Ging [available for weddings, parties, the opening of an envelope – or, a fridge door I suspect!]