Almost Famous

I received an email from an old Brisbane friend that I first met in England. She had some intriguing news for me…

How’s it going – hope this is still your address. Anyway, I saw a photo of you at a certain Lebanese kebab shop at Annerley recently!! I visit that little place once in a while to get the best kebabs in Brissie and was pleasantly surprised to see a photo of you stuck to the front counter for all to see. When I said I knew you to the lady behind the counter – she sung your praises – ‘Oh Chris,’ she said ‘Yes, yes we know Chris!’…with a big smile on her face. Funny… she never smiled at me before?!?




Very weird. I don’t hang out in Annerley often (ever?) and I don’t remember having my photo taken there, or even going to a kebab shop. I shall be investigating further, so watch this space for updates.