Behind the Scenes of BootsnAll Australia

It’s Sunday morning in Brisbane, Australia. Chris and I just returned from a game of tennis with the newly returned Ging (she spent 2 weeks in Viet Nam and Cambodia).

I am super tired since we met at the Brisbane State High School tennis courts at 7 a.m. before heading to breakfast in Paddington (an inner suburb of Brissie).

This has been a productive past week for Chris and I. Being here in Oz gives Chris and I a chance to work in the same space for a few weeks. Since he left the Portland office in June 2003, we haven’t been in the same space. As great as the Internet, e-mail, chat, and Voice Over IP is, nothing beats working/meeting with someone face to face. Ideas can be bounced back and forth with greater speed, hand movements and voice intonations make sense.

I am not sure how much longer I will be here…we’ll see how we go. For sure this week and part of next.

Today it is stinking hot as always…I want to take a nap but it is rather difficult being so hot. Perfect day to go to an air conditioned movie or the beach.




Random Note:
We heard a song on the Triple J radio station called, “Aussie Hip Hop”. The rapping tandem rapped with Aussie accents. Good rhymes, but an average beat. The line of the song that cracked us up was:

“blah, blah blah….(random words, then)… cuz it’s FUCKING AUSSIE HIP HOP”

They seemed super stoked and proud to be part of the Aussie hip-hop movement. Triple J did not bleep out the swear words either, like they would in the USA.

Cheers from Sunny Australia.