After the Show

After having a good laugh at Chicks Love It, Ging and decided that a few more drinks were in order. We were also meeting a friend of hers, Irish Pedro, at some point in the evening, whenever he arrived from Sydney on the train.

At the bottom of the hill from Central Station on Edward Street there is a club called Underground. It’s where Rosie’s used to be for anyone that remembers. We talked to the security dude out front for a bit and in hindsight he should have been a clue. He looked about 12 years old.

Downstairs and it was a nightmare. Never before have I felt like “the old guy at the club” and I’m really not that old, but at the Underground I was easily the oldest guy there by about a decade. It was scary stuff. As we were leaving we asked the bouncer why he didn’t warn us it was packed with kids and he said he didn’t want to insult us – why, because we’re so OLD!

We ditched that joint after one drink and racked our brains for another venue. The Victory and the Exchange were both ruled out and Her Majesty’s Bar was closing as we arrived. What we did find was an Irish pub in the Wintergarden called O’Malley’s.




I was pretty impressed with this place – downstairs, dark and cosy, and it had lots of little rooms and booths. They had a live music area and a band playing but it wasn’t like you had to listen to them. Plenty of TV’s around so I could watch the Cubbies play but no massive screens to drwon out all other conversation.

Best of all though, they had $6.50 jugs of domestic beer. What a bargain! Ging and I had found our home for the night and Irish Pedro arrived shortly after. We closed the place down and the staff were good humoured enough in trying to get rid of us, but I think they were happy to see us leave.