Chicks Love It, Part II

Last night I met Ging at the Metro Arts to see a play that my old mate was in. I’d never been to this venue before and was very impressed by what I found.

Downstairs at the Verve Bar, you can get very decent food at very decent prices. We thought we’d get an appetizer each and the servings were about enough for a main meal. Not bad for a tenner. You can also take your wine or beer upstairs into the main theatre, which is a wonderful thing, in my opinion.

After reading a so-so review of the play in the paper I went in with low expectations. The theatre was small, maybe 60 seats, and the stage was set with all the blokey things that you would expect in a man’s domain – old couch, Sidchrome toolset, beer fridge, lawn mower, keg, old car parts, and a picture of Lady Di (ok, that last one struck me as strange).

The show itself was a riot. It may have been assisted by the couple of beers I had before the show and the couple more I had during, but I laughed almost the whole way through. The all-singing, all-dancing cast of three blokes came out for the first act in tuxes, changed into Hawaiian shirts for the second act and finished in flannel and thongs.




Some highlights for me were the Sons of Germaine Greer calendar, the Oktoberfest beer carton lederhosen, and the Lord of the Thongs was a masterpiece.

After the show, I caught up with Ryan and Ging caught up with her mate Daynan (sp?), who also wrote the play.

Overall, very impressed and would recommend it to anyone up for a laugh.