Neighbourhood Perth

One of the things that I like about Perth is the different neighbourhoods. You can drive (or take the excellent public transport) to many different suburbs and wander their High Streets and find plenty of cafes, pubs, art galleries, clothes and music shops, and restaurants.

Tonight, my sister and I went to a local pub called Fibber McGee’s in the suburb of Leederville. For an Irish pub in a sea of Irish pubs, they do a good job on the Guinness and other Irish beers, and the food is excellent and reasonably priced. We met up with some friends of my sister’s and our table numbered about 9 or ten.

One of the interesting characters I met was John Long. He is the author of several books and has plenty more in the pipeline. His most recent book is on Antarctica, called Mountains of Madness: A Scientist’s Odyssey in Antarctica. He traveled there as part of his job as a paleontologist at the Western Australian Museum and he traveled to parts of the continent that had never before been walked upon by Man. Pretty cool stuff.




Most of the folks there were also members of a karate club, so I felt secure in the event a donnybrook broke out.