Toowong Centenary

The suburb of Toowong is turning 100 years old this year and there are a bunch of activities and events planned to celebrate.

I’ve lived on the border of Taringa and Toowong for most of my life, and went to both Toowong Primary and Toowong High schools, but my idea of its history only went about as far as the Regatta Hotel, the ABC’s state headquarters and all the dead folks lying down at the massive Toowong Cemetary.

As it happens, my high school (now called Toowong College) is having a reunion of sorts tomorrow. I’ll be going along to check things out and see if anyone I know still works there.




It’s changed alot in the dozen years or so I’ve been gone – the uniforms are now blue and green instead of the poo brown we were forced to wear; the college offers TAFE courses with an attached restaurant; and there’s a massive gymnasium now situated on the site where I used to hang out with me mates as a snotty nosed teenager.