Jeanette Bergman

This evening I became the third BootBoy to meet Jeanette Bergman in person. We’ve known her for years via BootsnAll, but her first attmept to come visit us in the US occured over September 11th, 2001 (while her plane was in the air, I believe).

As it turned out, Sean met her first during his stay in Oz in February. Three days later, Jeanette was on a plane to meet up with Ant in Seattle.

And tonight it was my turn. I wandered down to the R.E. pub in Toowong for a couple of Carlton Midstrengths and we remarked at the chances of the two of us actually meeting in our home town, considering all the time we’ve spent overseas in recent years.

Jeanette’s been home for about 18 months and has been busy getting back into life in Brisvegas. She’s lived in about 5 different places and gone through two jobs already. She was over in my side of town looking for a new place to rent that could accommodate her dog.




I caught Jeanette up on all the latest BootsnAll news and we talked about her time in the UK and Ireland and how much travelling she was able to do in small chunks while working full-time. We also compared our pub jobs in England (since 99.9% of all Australians in the UK have pulled pints at some stage).

It was a fun evening and great to finally meet face-to-face someone you’ve known only via email and message boards. I’m sure she’ll feature again on the OzBlog.

The R.E. was looking very fancy these days. A lot of work has been done on the beer garden, so now it’s all stained wood instead of the concrete and plastic chairs I was used to during the student years.