Rekindling the Anzac spirit

Australia’s youthful revellers are indicative of a larger trend here that is seeing this annual day of remembrance take on an increasing importance to a younger generation. And it is a trend that Canada would do well to emulate.

Consider the poll by the Dominion Institute earlier this month that found that the vast majority of young Canadians have little familiarity with even the barest details of our nation’s most significant single victory of the First World War, the capture of Vimy Ridge. Only 26% of those under the age of 35 knew about Vimy, and fewer than 7% of Quebecers.




From Rekindling the Anzac spirit

What the author of this article fails to understand – although it is mentioned – is that to many young Australians, and the backpackers that visit these areas on ANZAC day – remembering these deaths is more just a reason to party than an opportunity to give thanks. It’s like throwing a party on D-Day for Americans or something of that accord just because they can. The drinking and boozing is first, the remembering is secondary.