Outback death riddle gets the TV treatment

A documentary exploring the murder of Yorkshire backpacker Peter Falconio on a deserted Australian highway is to be broadcast next month.
Murder In The Outback attempts to uncover the truth surrounding the attack on Mr Falconio and his then fiancee Joanne Lees in 2001.

The police investigation has finally led to the forthcoming trial of Bradley John Murdoch, but has also created many lingering questions about the story of Joanne Lees, and thrown up assorted conspiracy theories concerning the missing man himself.

The murder captured worldwide attention. In July 2001, the trip of a lifetime for the engaged backpackers from Hepworth, near Holmfirth, Huddersfield, came to an abrupt and nightmarish end.




As they travelled along Australia’s remote Stuart Highway, they were allegedly attacked by a lone gunman.

Joanne Lees managed an incredible escape, and hid in the undergrowth for several hours as the killer hunted for her.

Eventually the attacker left but Mr Falconio has never been seen since.

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