Boys’ night out ends in nightmare

Adam Dalton is 25, almost two metres tall, and weighs 127 kilograms. The Westmeadows labourer and footballer is heavily tattooed, has huge shoulders, and looks so formidable that he concedes that some people might find him intimidating.

He has now been in the Spanish city of Barcelona for almost eight months. Originally, it was to be a mid-trip stopover with a group of mates from Melbourne. They were doing the grand European tour, backpacker style. He had been to London, Greece and Rome, and was about to leave Barcelona for Paris and Munich when things went dreadfully wrong. Only five weeks into the trip, he found himself in jail.

He’s out on bail now, contemplating the events that have changed his life and brought his Melbourne parents to the brink of losing their home. They are struggling to pay mounting legal fees for their only son, who is forced to remain in Spain while a cumbersome judicial system deals with his case.




From Boys’ night out ends in nightmare

Yes, I agree, the justice system is definitely dragging here. However…may I ask why the hell this guys ‘keep’ is more than 1,200 a week??? Seriously! What is he doing?? I sort of stop feeling sorry for him when I read this. It’s a bum rap, but this guy obviously has priority issues. A quote from his mother – “It’s ridiculous,” she says. “What country seriously expects a 23-year-old kid to be able to survive, stuck on their own, without help from their parents.”. What the hell? He’s 23. Not 12. Seriously. I’d hope my parents would help me out in a situation like this but he’s 23. 2. 3. Ugh. Someone, please start taking some responsibility here.