Backpackers recommend Australia

Most backpackers who visit Australia would recommend it as a “must see” destination, according to a new survey.

The findings of the “Backpackers Uncovered” research indicate the importance of the backpacker market to Australia’s tourism industry, Australian Tourist Commission (ATC) Managing Director Ken Boundy said.

Mr Boundy said backpackers made up 10 percent of visitors to Australia and their market contained a potentially high proportion of repeat visitors.

“Today’s backpacker is tomorrow’s planner of a family holiday or business traveller. The current research indicates that 74 percent of backpackers surveyed intend to visit Australia again, with 36 percent indicating they will definitely visit again in the next five years,” he said.




“We need to ensure that the experience we provide backpacking travellers is unique and exceeds expectations to ensure we can welcome them back to Australia with their family or friends in later years.”

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(Thx to Joe E. for passing this one along)