Aussies prey on tsunami kids

A CHILD rights group today demanded the passports of recidivist pedophiles be cancelled to stop them targeting children left defenceless by the Boxing Day tsunami.

The Child Wise group said cancelling passports of repeat offenders would end any chance for pedophiles to enter countries where thousands of children have been left orphaned.

About 20 convicted pedophiles trying to travel to Indonesia and Thailand following the tsunami have been stopped, caught by new rules introduced with a national child sex offender register.




Under the register, the offenders have to tell police if they plan to travel overseas.

Some countries, including Indonesia and Thailand, ban convicted sex offenders from entering their countries.

From Aussies prey on tsunami kids

I think it’s really sad that this is something people have to worry about – and that 20 people did actually plan to fly to those areas! Some, I’m sure, had less than golden plans for those kids. It gives me the creeps.