Ladies Day at the Rugby

An invitation to attend a Ladies Day seemed like a good idea. $40 included drinks and food, and funds raised went to support the Leukemia Foundation. I was expecting an indoor event with a mixed crowd (although probably more women), with a chance to watch some club rugby.

What actually happened was almost the complete opposite.

Three or four canopy/sunshades were set up behind the goalposts at one end of the field. Underneath were two blokes handling ‘the bar’ and the rest were women. I was told that I wouldn’t be served any drinks because I was a guy and I could not buy a ticket. No big deal though, I could buy my drinks at the clubhouse bar and walk back in.

However, it seemed as though none of the other guys at the rugby club had figured that out, or perhaps the rugby was too entralling, as I was the only bloke there for the entire afternoon. Not complaining, mind you. Can’t be upset spending an afternoon drinking beer in the occasional sunshine with over 100 women, all drinking beverages of wonderful colours. What I don’t understand is why you’d want to keep everyone so separated.




In the evening, however, is when things really took off. The two camps were combined and the fun began. First off was a player auction – first grade players were put up on a table, one-by-one, and auctioned off to the highest bidder. Some players fetched more than others, but the average was $90-$100. That was, until the last player who went for a whopping $1500.

The players were then required to perform a task for their new ‘owners’. Some ladies chose drinks service. I saw another getting a foot massage. Two others chose lap dances and the crowd learned very quickly that rugby players don’t wear underwear. That was more than I really needed to know.

It was a good day out and was still going strong when I left, a full 8 hours after I’d arrived.