Australia vs. USA – Rugby League

In what could be the start of an America’s Cup type rivalry (in that Australia will win it every year for over 100 years), the USA national rugby league team (the Tomahawks) will play Australia’s best in a one off game in Philadelphia on November 30th.

If I remember it’s on, I’ll try to watch it on telly. Should be a good laugh to see how many of the Australian players are not hungover when they take the field.

According to the press release:

The match will be at Franklin Field, the former home of the Philadelphia Eagles, at the University of Pennsylvania. It will be the first time Australia has played an international on a synthetic grass surface.




“There’s no doubt this is going to be an exciting opportunity for the game,” ARL Chief Executive, Mr. Geoff Carr, said today. “The NRL’s Graham Annesley has been to the US to assess plans for the match. It is a very modern synthetic grass surface which has longer ‘turf’ and which is completely different from the older style grounds.”

“Known as Sprinturf, it was only installed some three months ago. The blades of ‘grass’ are over an inch long, it doesn’t burn the players, it’s softer than normal surfaces and allows players to wear normal football boots. I know from talking to the Australian players in New Zealand last week that they are really looking forward to the USA game.”

“The Tri Nations is already off to a great start and the players know they are in for a real test when the English games kick off this weekend. The USA leg of the tour adds another great dimension to the trip.”