OzJet doesn’t want pricing war

The owner of Australia’s newest domestic airline said he did not want to get into a price war with the “big boys”, especially the notoriously aggressive Qantas.

Paul Stoddart, the Melbourne expatriate who owns Italy’s Minardi Formula One racing team, said Ozjet was seeking a small share of the market by filling in a gap left in the business travel sector.

“We are offering something that I don’t think is a threat to our competitors,” Mr Stoddart told a media conference at a private terminal at Sydney Airport.




“I see us as someone that can work alongside all of the players in the market place.”

From OzJet doesn’t want pricing war

What, no pricing war? Really? Yeah right. Good luck OzJet…Quantas and its newest ally Virgin Blue are going to do anything they can to drive you out of business and go back to keeping a wary eye on each other.