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One of the biggest questions involving the transcontinental Indian Pacific train I get is whether or not it is backpacker friendly. I had noticed on the Great Southern Rail website there were discounts for those holding backpacker membership cards, but whether or not those were used much was beyond me. To be honest, I was a bit worrisome about doing […]

The Indian Pacific Train: Is it backpacker friendly?

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Today’s guest post is all about seeing Hobart on a budget. It is brought to you by Suzer Williams, an expat who has lived in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and of course, the US. She has now settled down in Adelaide, South Australia, after meeting her Aussie husband on a backpacker tour of Ireland. Enjoy! As my third city […]

Hobart on a Budget

Brisbane Airport
Brisbane acts as a great hub for travelers looking to explore more of the Queensland area. Some individuals choose to come from the south of the country to the warmer areas of the north during the winter months. Others may be coming from overseas for a relaxing holiday to the Gold Coast located just an hour away. While Brisbane may […]

Budget Airlines that Fly to Brisbane

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Melbourne is a must-see when visiting Australia, and it is commonly paired with Sydney when time is limited. There are a million things to do and see in the city, and there are also just as many ways to get there (depending on where you are coming from) in order to get the job done. If you’re looking for a […]

Budget Airlines that Fly to Melbourne

Whether you are coming in from a nearby country, or just another part of Australia, a number of budget airlines that fly to Sydney can help make the trek a little less expensive. This is excellent news to travelers on a tighter budget, backpackers and vagabonds looking to see the likes of the Sydney Harbour and Bondi Beach. If coming […]

Budget Airlines that Fly to Sydney

When planning a trip to Melbourne, or anywhere in Australia for that matter, it is a wise idea to think about your budget beforehand. A number of options on things to do in Melbourne are available, and you will want to make the most of both your time and money. While tourist attractions may be synonymous with being overpriced traps, […]

Discount Cards in Melbourne

The original sale this post was referencing has since passed, but there are still several ways to go about getting a great domestic airfare deal. The first option is to travel in the off-season. For example, you can try to head to the Gold Coast in the Australian autumn, and traveling during those times might also put you in the […]

Webjet Domestic Airfare Sale, Fares from $41!

Finally!!!!! This morning on my drive in, I heard a radio article that peaked my interest. I used to be a huge user of Priceline.com in the States for cheap last minute hotels. Upon moving to OZ, I was heartbroken to discover it doesn’t really work here. BUT! Cancellations is a new website that sounds promising. Working on a similar […]

Last Minute Travel Deals, Canellations.com.au

Getting around Sydney is easy and affordable if you know a few little pieces of information! Here is a guide to City Rail’s best tourist tickets. All tickets available from City Rail stations and several convenience stores. City Hopper– All day trains between Central, Martin Place, Museum, Town Hall, and the main CBD (Downtown) area. Day Tripper– All in one- […]

How to save $$ on transport in and around Sydney