Visa Options

If you wish to work in Australia, cross your fingers and then check out this list. Those who hold citizenship in the countries listed are eligible for the Working Holiday Makers Visa. This visa is for young adults between the ages of 18 and 30 who live or hold citizenship in countries that have agreements with Australia, a majority of which belong to the Commonwealth. With the Working Holiday Makers Visa, young adults are able to work for up to a year in Australia, although they must change jobs every three months. This visa was created to allow backpackers to see more of the country by supplementing their income. High paying jobs are rare and difficult to find.

United States citizens, although they cannot apply for the Working Holiday Makers Visa, can still work in Australia through the Special Program Youth USA. The visa lasts four months and is available exclusively to Americans aged 18-30. Unlike the Working Holiday Makers Visa, the Special Program Youth USA visa must be applied for through a sponsoring organization such as BUNAC or Work Experience Down Under.