Travellers reminded of Indonesian laws

Australians heading to Indonesia are being reminded of the country’s harsh drug laws as 10 Australians sit in Bali jails accused of drug trafficking and facing the death penalty.

The updated Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade travel advice comes in the wake of the cases of Gold Coast woman Schapelle Corby on a charges of importing marijuana and the group known as the Bali nine, arrested for heroin smuggling.

DFAT is warning Australians that when overseas they are subject to local laws, which can be very different to those in Australia.




From Travellers reminded of Indonesian laws

Is this a case of too little, too late, and just something for show? Does it even matter? The information hasn’t changed – people just need high profile cases like this one to be reminded exactly how stupid smuggling drugs is…I’m not sure it’s going to make much of a difference six months down the road, anyway.