Rugby Festival

Went to the Rugby World Cup over the weekend and really enjoyed the atmosphere. Even though I was as far back as you can possibly be, the view was still superb and the crowd was excellent, even though Australia ran out easy winners.

Even though I bought the tickets on the opening day, by 9am you could not buy consecutive tickets so Toby and I had to sit in different aisles, about 30 metres away. No big deal and I’m poretty sure his seat was good too.

After the match the trains were packed so Toby suggested going down to TinBilly’s for a pint. Not a bad idea at all. This place has a backpackers upstairs and there was a decent post-game crowd in there.




Back at the train station the crowds had dispersed and I made sure I got a shot of the BnA cap before Toby jumped on his train home.

I took a bunch of photos during the game and if you want to see them, click on the links on this article on Rugby World Cup Blog.