After consecutive weekends [some would say my lifetime!] of indulgence, and a potential one on the way, I actually decided against it.

On Friday night I had a work social club Ten Pin Bowling night, which was great craic [I even managed a bunch of strikes and spares!], if a little silly. I had a few light beers, but didn’t make a night of it – despite a friend’s tempting invitation to imbibe cocktails to celebrate her birthday – and was home before 9.

On Saturday morning, I awoke hangover-free [Oh joy! A refreshing change!] and took myself to yoga. I can’t express enough how right for me this form of relaxation is. Nothing else enables me to relax, ‘let go’, surrender, in such a deep and fulfilling way. I feel fantabulous every time I do it and wonder why I don’t make the time to do it more often. It gives me SO much ‘natural energy’ [as opposed to drink-fuelled and/or sleep depraved adrenalin] – it’s the only thing that can simultaneously ‘slow me down’ and invigorate me.

I cancelled all my drinking plans, didn’t watch the rugby with my mates [though I won’t deny that the $3 pints w Chris were tempting!], didn’t make the beer carton lederhosen for Oktoberfest. Instead, I had a bubble bath, a glass of wine with dinner and that was it. And it was funny that my headspace had turned inwards, ‘cos it was a weekend of reminiscence, indeed. An old friend called from Sydney, a nearby friend I’ve not seen for a couple of months called, two interstate friends sent me text messages, and an old school friend invited me round to dinner with about 8 other school friends. I declined all. Not because I was feeling anti-social, but simply because I preferred some much-need ‘me’ time. I even slept properly.

I did yoga again on Sundee am, then sat on my front steps in the sun with a coffee and watched the world go by for a bit. At least until my dog came and jumped on me, spilling the remainder of my coffee – as he invariably does! With abundant energy, I cleaned the house, did the ususal weekend errands [I rarely have time for!], sorted the random object-strewn yard my doggit had created/destroyed and picked up a bagful of his faeces [oh the joy of being a doggit-owner!].




I spent some quality time on the carpet, sifting through my much-neglected books about philosophy and religion, aromatherapy and natural medicine, and the like, and contemplated the potential mental stimuli of my future plans – postgraduate study [an idea I’ve been toying with since graduation 10 years ago!], writing my novel [finally!], my up-coming S-E Asia trip, and other self-nurturing plans.

I even did me toe-nails, smeared avocado all over my face, whacked two herbal teabags over my eyes, and sat around like a girl!

It’s funny how your body tells you to do this every so often. I feel great.

Inner Ging [I’m not a bloody hippy, Chris]