The Ekka!

The first weekend of the Ekka has passed and they’re reporting good crowds at the show. I imagine there were a bunch of hyperactive kids at school today, running around beating each other with their new toys and getting amped on chocolate and lollies.

In an earlier posting, I mentioned the Ekka and was lambasted for not mentioning some of the traditions – woodchopping, Dagwood Dogs, srawberry cones, and showbags.

For anyone unfamiliar with a showbag, it’s basically a bag with a ton of promotional gear and 20c toys that break the instant you get them home. All the big companies, movies and TV shows have them. I remember as a kid scouring the newspaper in August checking out all the options and picking 3 or 4 that I just had to have (and that’s about all my parents would buy for me). Usually I would go for the chocolate or candy bags as it was a great excuse to get a ton of sweet goodies, but occasionally I would get sucked in by a Batman bag, or something like that.

When you get to the pavilion, it’s just a sea of kids. Kids dragging parents to the next stall (since the kids know where everything is), kids begging parents to buy one more bag for them, kids tucking into the lollies and chips and sweeties cos they just can’t wait, kids wearing the costumes from the Super Heroes showbag and playing with other kids decked out in Thomas the Tank Engine clobber.

It really is chaos and how much money the vendors make is a direct quotient of how fast they can hand over the goods and collect the cash. The most popular showbags can be sold out in a matter of days and hell hath no fury like a child who missed out on that showbag.




Also good value at the Ekka are the concerts. Included in the price of your ticket are concerts featuring solid local bands. I don’t remember there being so many bars at the Ekka, but I’m sure they were there, and no doubt they do a good trade.

And of course, the real reason for the Ekka in the first place is the animals. If you’re an animal lover (and not in a Kiwi way), you’ll be able to spend days wandering around the different pavilions – Dogs, horses, sheep, cattle, goats, government departments… (seriously though, there is a Queensland Government Pavilion, as if anyone cares)

So you see, there really is something for everyone. In fact, just tomorrow there is a wonderous array of events to check out: Dairy Goat judging, Meat cutting exhibition, Pig Facts, Totally Wild Sheep Shearing, Pig Racing and diving pigs, Posh Pets on Parade, Lacock Mouse Circus, Liz Davenport Suitcase parades (alright!!), Bubulas Buffalo Girls, and the Holden Stormriders Precision Driving Team.

And don’t forget the fireworks every night from 7pm. Woohoo!