In 100 Words or Less? You’ve got to be kidding…

This is Ging-Ms Vebose-Bangpants we’re talkin’ ’bout here; how on EARTH am I to be THAT succint. However, that was my assignment for last night’s sassy acoustic gig from a performer I’ve been waiting about 18 months to FINALLY see in BrisVegas…

I first stumbled upon Ms Blackman when I heard the tres groovy, beautiful-people-slagging track, Favourite Jeans. I becamed obsessed with it… and her. It became ‘my track’. I bought the ep and as Chrisso pointed out last night when she played it, ‘All of a sudden I feel like I’m in your car’… She finally released her debut LP in August, I nabbed a copy and was delighted to see she was finally touring ‘north of the border’. She’s doin’ a swag of gigs, and definitely count me in when she tours with her full band.

Here’s something I prepared earlier [and yes, I was WELL over the limit, but I suspect it’ll be published anyway…]




Bertie Blackman, The Troubadour, Thurs 16 September

With a string of promo gigs for her debut LP, Headway, the loungeroom-esque Troubadour was a fitting, laidback taster for Sydney